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This blog is dedicated to the various divorce issues. Aimed to provide a comprehensive vision of the whole process, we offer both detailed guidance concerning the legal procedure itself as well as supportive information about the psychological effects of divorce and how to deal with your emotions and move on

Peaceful divorce

How to make a divorce straightforward and non-toxic for each spouse

Preparing for a divorce

How to choose a lawyer and complete documents

Property division

How not to lose everything

Financial liabilities

The difference between alimony and child support payments

Divorce process

Online divorce, litigious divorce

Divorce in your state

Peculiarities of divorce laws in each state.

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Divorce in Indiana, how to get a child custody

The Family Code governs the rights of spouses who decide to divorce. According to the law, both spouses have the same duties and powers regardin

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Divorce in Indiana: What You Should Know

Quite recently there was a family, standard home and life. However, for some reason, everything changed, discomfort arose in the relationship, a

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Divorce in Indiana: The Most Important Questions to Solve

People regularly face family issues and, unfortunately, not everyone can find a way out of a conflict situation, which can eventually lead to di

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Divorce in Indiana-my spouse is military and cannot give me a divorce

Paradoxically, but a fact - if two loving hearts want to legalize their relationship, agreement and presence are necessary, as evidence of the s